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Just a few days are left until we will have big quantities of the Sundaya Ulitium available in Memmingen. Because of the existing high demand, we advise you to order your contingent as soon as possible. A big part of the Ulitium Systems is already reserved. To ensure that you get your quantities, you should order your Ulitium Systems now. For your order please contact Mr. Sinan Erki (Sales Manager Europe: sinan.erki@phaesun.com; +49 (8331) 990 42 â?? 18) or Mr. Boumedien Habibes (Sales Manager Europe & Africa: boumedien.habibes@phaesun.com; +49 (8331) 990 42 - 15)
or Mr. Amar Chikha (Sales Manager Afrika & Middle East:
amar.chikha@phaesun.com +49 (8331) 990 42 â?? 19).
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