Catalogue 03.2009

As of now you can download the version 03.2009 at our homepage: www.phaesun.com > components > downloads > product catalogue
This new Catalogue includes a couple of very interesting and innovative novelties of our suppliers. You can see some of the most important novelties at the bottom. You can already now browse in the Catalogue 03.2009 in the internet. We will send a printed version with your next order to you. We will also publish the new priclist at the 01.01.2010. For your catalogue please contact Mr. Sinan Erki (Sales Manager Europe: sinan.erki@phaesun.com; +49...) or Mr. Boumedien Habibes (Sales Manager Europe & Africa: boumedien.habibes@phaesun.com; +49...)
or Mr. Amar Chikha (Sales Manager Afrika & Middle East:
amar.chikha@phaesun.com +49 (8331) 990 42 â?? 19).
Phaesun Product Catalogue