Steca Product News

We have news from one of the leading manufacurers of Off-Grid PV electronics. Please take a look at the news in the following:
Steca Solsum F Charge Controller
The successful Steca Solsum charge controller series has been redesigned. The circuit board is completely electronically protected and with the new designed
LED user interface it is easy to check the battery state of charge at any time. Large terminals guarantee a simple connection of solar panels, battery and load. The brand new Solsum works on PWM as a low loss serial controller.
Steca Solarix PI Stand Alone Inverter
The long time awaited new Steca Inverter Series is now released for serial production. From now on, the Steca Solarix PI 550 (12 V) is available. The Solarix PI 1100 (24 V) will follow in March of 2009.
Steca Solarix MPPT Charge Controller
Furthermore the Steca Solarix MPPT 2010 Charge Controller is from now on available.
We allow a product launch discout of 5 % on the list price of these products, if you order until the 28.02.2009.*
Further information on these Steca Products can be found in our catalogue 01.2009 or on our webpage www.phaesun.com.
For detailed information, please contact Mr. Sinan Erki (Sales Manager Europe: sinan.erki@phaesun.com, or phone +49 (0) 8... ? 18) or Mr. Amar Chikha (Sales Manager Afrika & Middle East: amar.chikha@ phaesun.com or phone +49 (0) 8331/99042 ? 19).
* The discount applies for:
Steca Solsum 5.0F (Art.-No. 302.916)
Steca Solsum 8.0F (Art.-No. 302.917)
Steca Solsum 6.6F (Art.-No. 302.899)
Steca Solsum 8.8F (Art.-No. 302.900)
Steca Solsum 10.10F (Art.-No. 302.901)
Steca Solarix PI 550 (Art.-No. 101.490)
Steca Solarix MPPT 2010 (Art.-No. 106.799)