Sundaya Ulitium

As the exclusive partner for Europe, Latin American and large parts of Africa, Phaesun GmbH will present new lighting and television kits of the manufacturer Sundaya for the first time at the worldâ??s largest specialist trade fair for solar technology. The new series - Sundaya Ulitium - encompasses LED lamps, LCD televisions and suitable solar modules as well as a distribution box for installation using plug and play.

The modular construction creates the highest possible flexibility. The system is suited for garden houses and garages as well as for camper vans and solar home systems. Users can expand the number of lamps and televisions in practically unlimited quantities and can combine them with each other. Depending on the number of devises and luminous period desired, Phaesun offers four different module sizes with outputs between three and twelve watts.

The LED lamps consume extremely low amounts of energy and are very effective. For 240 lumens of light output over six hours, eight kilojoules of energy per hour are sufficient, which a solar module can supply with an output of only three watts. If one dims the lamps, which is possible in three steps, they need even less energy â?? at 120 lumens, they can be illuminated, for example, for 12 hours. The Sundaya lamp also leads the field as far as efficiency is concerned. While a conventional light bulb delivers one percent and a low-energy light bulb five to ten percent, the new LED lamp from Sundaya has an efficiency of 23 percent.

The electronics and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery have been integrated in the lamps and television. By using a distributor box, one can connect the solar modules directly to the userâ??s system. A charge regulator is not necessary. At a candle power of 240 lumens, the rechargeable battery will last three to four years, at 120 lumens six to eight years.