Phaesun Off-Grid News - October 2021

SelfChill Webinar:
Phaesun with the SelfChill team has successfully implemented four solar cooling systems to cool milk, fish and herbs in rural Kenya. The installations are part of the DEG-supported project “PV Cool Kenya”. In addition a technical training with project partner SERC (Strathmore Energy Research Centre) was operated with 38 participants.
The SelfChill team offers a free webinar on 10th November to get to know the SelfChill concept and learn about the experiences from the field in Kenya. Please find more info here:

Tickets for the OFF-Grid Expo & Conference:
The trade fair restart has been a success and so we are looking forward to meeting you and the entire off-grid community in December in Augsburg - live and in person.
Secure your visitor ticket for OEC 2021 today in the ticket store or contact us at:
If you can't be there live, the digital Expo+Conference ticket gives you the option to watch OEC 2021 via livestream and meet exhibitors virtually. Please note: all visitor tickets can only be booked online this year - there will be no box office. More information at:

20 Years Jubilee:
20 years as founder and managing director of Phaesun GmbH ! Thank you Tobias for your visions, ideas and your never ending efforts
and the believing in Energy independence -  the whole Phaesun Team is proud to be part of this 20 years and looking forward for the next 20 years development, growing and working at company Phaesun.

Sidewalk lighting:
Just in time for the start of school, Yonas, together with Florian and Jürgen, installed sidewalk lighting from the city of Memmingen for the Volkratshofen Elementary School.
So that the children don't have to walk to school in the dark.
The two solar-powered streetlights each consist of the following components:
- Solar Module Phaesun Sun Plus 200_5
- Battery AGM Phaesun Sun Store 125
- Solar Charge Controller Phocos CIS-N-MPPT 85/15
- Remote Control Unit Phocos CIS CU
- Streetlight Element LED Phaesun High Light 15 W 130/86 X
- Street Lighting Pole 5m

Our new pico pv lighting: Sun Shine:

Sun shine has been released by verasol. The combination of LED light and battery pack as well as an incredible number of functions make the Sun Shine essential in many areas of life. Sun Shine finds its way as a luminous torch, serves as a reading and table lamp with different intensities, wakes up the attention with very eye-catching warning flashing and creates a good atmosphere from disco to candlelight dinner with different colour effects. Sun Shine can be recharged with a small solar panel completely independent of the mains or a USB plugin power supply. In addition, smartphones and any USB devices can be charged with the integrated battery.
Take a look:

SEED project:
For the SEED project ("Sustainable Energy Education Districts for Informal Settlements"), the locations in Kenya and Mozambique have been determined for the field research!
We are happy to welcome the project partners of the University of Bayreuth and the InES-Institute of the TH Ingolstadt at Phaesun. In addition, the partners of the Technical University of Kenya and the Eduardo Mondlane University Mozambique joined us online!

Goodbye Nico:

At the end of September we said goodbye to Nico. He has actively supported us in the camp during the last months.
Many thanks for that! The whole Phaesun team wishes you all the best for your future.

News from SelfChill:

Last month, SelfChill training began at the Strathmore Energy Research Centre - SERC. Participants learned about the SelfChill approach and had the opportunity to interact with the technology, as the cold room is located on campus. Participants also had the opportunity to build their own SelfChill system from scratch. This milk cooling system for milk churns will soon be installed in a rural Maasai community.

Installation Gbarnga:

At the beginning of October, another beautiful small solar plant went into operation. This time in Gbarnga, Liberia on a drug store unit. The off-grid system has two Phocos AnyGrid PSW-H-5kW hybrid inverters with 28 solar modules Phaesun PN6M72-360 C (=7,92kWp) and a battery bank 24x Phaesun Sun Station 7 OPzV 1050, 48V/1050Ah). Installed on a flat roof with the Phaesun PN-ASS 02 mounting system. An existing diesel generator was integrated as a backup. Power is supplied to a medicine warehouse with a large and a small storage room, an office room and the hallway. The solar energy is used for 3 air conditioners, 5 ceiling fans as well as the emergency lighting and various room lighting.

StuderNext3 installation:
Phaesun installs first Studer Next3 system in Biberach. Total 14.8kWp PV modules, 23.0kWh AGM battery storage.

6th Solar Summer Team-up:

At the beginning of October we could welcome virtually and physically Pakistani participants of the "6th Solar Summer Team-up" of the SRH Hochschule Berlin. Thank you for your great interest and your visit.

The following articles will soon be removed from the online platform:
390709 Battery Terminal Insulating Caps Red
390710 Battery Terminal Insulating Caps Black
600285 Energy Generation Kit Solar Rise Seven X 1kW/24V
310179 Solar Module Doble 5
360149 LED E27 Lamp Sun Flower 630_12
310270 Solar Module Solarworld SW 340 XL Mono

New articles online:
321710 Solar Charge Controller Phocos ECO-N-MPPT 85/15
392284 Battery Terminal Insulating Caps Black
392283 Battery Terminal Insulating Caps Red
321709 Solar Charge Controller Phocos CIS-N-MPPT-LED
600476 Energy Generation Kit Solar Rise 200W/12V
600477 Energy Generation Kit Solar Up 200W/12V
600478 Caravan Kit Base Camp Aero MPPT DC240W AC400W | 12V
370124 Submersible Pump Grundfos SQ Flex 7-4
360274 Solar water boiler Fothermo PVB-10
360275 Solar water boiler Fothermo PVB-30
360276 Solar water boiler Fothermo PVB-80

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