Off-Grid Connect, Office and Toll Road Systems, Ethiopia

Project Description

Off-Grid Connect (OGC) is the term used for systems that can serve certain loads
independently, however, these loads are gridconnected at the same time. In case of
power failures, or given the grid does not work on any other reason, the OGC system
powers up, ensuring that important electrical loads are operated without interruption. OGC
can also be the main power source with grid or diesel genset as back-up. OGC is a system designed to make users step-by-step independent from the grid. In Ethiopia, Phaesun supplied two OGC systems
with diesel genset back up installed by Lydetco plc to an office and toll road power systems in Ethiopia.


Why was PV selected?

The power supply in Ethiopia even in Addis Ababa is not fully reliable. Power cuts of some minutes up to several hours are common. Irradiation in Addis Ababa is good and therefore PV is one of the most reliable electricity sources. Even if energy system includes a diesel genset, thanks to the solar system, Science and Technology Institute for Cooperation (STIC) will reduce its energy bill and supply reliable power to essential loads.


Special Features

The loads that are served by the OGC-system can run independently from other loads. OGC system makes optimum use of the installed PV power, and storage energy at the battery, and the grid or diesel genset is used as a backup when the PV and battery have not enough energy to support the loads. Reliable power supply is extremely important to keep all activities of the Institute running all day


  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Project participants

  • Phaesun GmbH
  • Lydetco Plc

End users

  • Science and Technology Institute for Cooperation (STIC)


  • 2015/2016

Project value

  • 95.000 €


  • Solar Generator: 15000 Wp
  • Battery Bank: 5360 Ah/48V C10
  • Inverter/Charger: 42 kW

System components*

  • 60 x Solar World Module, SW 250Wp
  • 4 x 65A MPPT solar charge controller Studer VarioTrack VT-65
  • 48 x Battery Hopepcke 20 OPzS Solar.Power 3610
  • 6 x Inverter/Charger Studer XTH 8000-48
  • 2 x Studer X-connect
  • Studer monitoring and progaramming Unit RCC-02
  • Studer remote communication Xcom-LAN module
  • Cabling and complete installation accessories

*Values for the total project for two identical systems.