15 years

It was 15 years ago that the cornerstone for Phaesun was laid in Memmingen. Right from the beginning, the focus has been put on the independent power supply with renewable energies. Since then, the Phaesun Team has jolted the Off-Grid community year after year again. The company has developed further in state of constant flux and agitating for a future with Off-Grid power. We wish to use the anniversary year 2016 to tell about our background and history. Every month we report on the highlights of another episode of the Phaesun history.
We provide you an insight into historical photos, old documents and funny events. To this end, we use the monthly newsletter, the Phaesun Facebook page, our Special Sales campaigns, the fairs and conferences. We are also happy to get some input from you! Do you remember one or another episode? Were you present at one of the events? Did you carry out an exciting project together with Phaesun? Join us for a review!



Phaesun from 2001 - 2003: The early years...

In 2001, a Greek and a guy from the Allgäu took a trip on a ship to Santorini. They decided to found a solar technology company together with a Brit, a Franconian, a Sudanese and a Rhinelander. It sounds like an absurd idea, but in the very same year, the company started its work in a garage located in the beautiful Allgäu landscape, first as a purchasing pool for international solar companies. Phaeton, a son of the Greek sun-god was the inspiration for the company name. Phaeton is a symbol for luminance, on the other hand, the story also warns against arrogance.
Since the beginning, Tobias Zwirner has been Managing Director of Phaesun GmbH. Also in 2001, Phaesun Asmara was founded in Eritrea as a representative office in East Africa.
In 2002, the first Phaesun product catalogue was published. In the focus were complete solar kits based on Steca electronics and packed in wooden boxes for the operation of electric tools, walkmans, diskmans and gameboys.
Please find photos of the foundation meeting, the first Phaesun product catalogue of 2002 and pictures of the first project installations worldwide on the Phaesun Facebook here.



Episode 2004/2005: Getting established!

In 2004, the team in Memmingen and Asmara had already gained an international reputation. The company concept has been consolidated: In addition to the single components trade, Phaesun also concentrates on the execution of projects. The first experienced solar technician to join the Memmingen team is Jürgen Großer who is concerned with system sizings and installations. Apart from an increasing number of European and African distribution partners, more and more internationally renowned component manufacturers rely on Phaesun which e.g. leads to an exclusive partnership for the distribution in Europe with Sundaya. The team in Memmingen is constantly growing while storage capacities run out so the move to new office and store- rooms is due. For the first time in 2004, Phaesun takes part in the Intersolar exhibition in Freiburg/Germany. Please find pictures of the episode 2004/2005 on the Phaesun Facebook-page here.



Episode 2006/2007: Even more international!

In 2006, 5 years after the company foundation, Phaesun is now established in Europe and also in many African countries with an extensive partner network. In order to contribute also to the rural electrification of Latin America, Phaesun Panama S.A. opens its gates in Panama in 2006. Some more customers in the Middle East can be acquired especially for solar water pumping applications and the oil and gas industry. Phaesun delivers the first systems for the hybrid solar and wind power supply. The team in Memmingen already includes some experts who have still been faithful to Phaesun to this day!
Please find pictures of the episode 2006/2007 on our Phaesun Facebook page here.

Episode 2008: Communicate about Off-Grid energy!

It was 15 years ago that the cornerstone for Phaesun was laid in Memmingen in the Allgäu. We use this anniversary year to tell about the Phaesun background and history episode by episode!
In 2008 Phaesun was focussing on a comprehensive communication strategy. The objective was to show, that the energy of the sun can be used in a practical way via Off-Grid solar systems anywhere in the world! Especially in structurally weak regions where there is no electricity grid, solar energy can bring enourmous progress to improve living conditions and increase independence. As a symbol for the practical use of the sun, Phaesun developed the squared sun, that remained for years in lots of Phaesun communication material (until now as part of the logo). To get closer to the customers, Phaesun organized the first Off-Grid workshop in Sharja/UAE in 2008 in cooperation with the solar electronic specialists Steca Elektronik and Studer Innotec and some more manufacturers of the sector. Please find pictures of the episode 2008 on the Phaesun Facebook page here.


Episode 2009: Online into the future!

With the Phaesun Online Order Platform Phaesun opens the first B-to-B-Onlineshop for solar components in 2009. With this shop product descriptions, data sheets and pictures of more than 3000 Off-Grid products are available online. Registered users can purchase directly via the Online Order Platform. Furthermore Phaesun is continuously extending its product portfolio to focus on even more target areas beside the topic of rural electrification. An important target group that is coming up are traders of the leisure market: solar products for power supply of caravans, mobile homes, boats or camping holidays. The first cooperation with European traders in this sector are growing! Please find pictures of the episode 2009 on the  Phaesun Facebook page here.

Episode 2011: Workshop series is starting!

In 2011, Phaesun is meanwhile represented with four offices throughout the world. The company is celebrating its 10 years’ anniversary inviting all its partners to the first Off-Grid Experts Workshop in Memmingen. On two days, the international Phaesun team goes all out to offer their guests and further exhibitors of the Off-Grid trade a high-quality training program. This workshop is so well received throughout the trade that the event is meanwhile established as a regular event. Moreover, Phaesun is awarded the Bavarian Export Award and can present itself as an exporter of High-Quality technology. You can find pictures on our Phaesun Facebook page here .


Episode 2012: Happy moving!


In 2012 Phaesun was moving to their new office rooms in Memmingen in Brühlweg 9. There was much to do and much fun. In 2012 there was also another Off-Grid Experts Workshop in Memmingen. On two days there was again a great variety of workshops and trainings. And we met our french collegues for our christmas party in France. Further pictures you can find here.

Episode 2013: Introducing the new Off-Grid Experts Award


 In 2013 an Off-Grid Experts Workshop takes place again in the town hall Memmingen. Beside the Workshop the first time of the Off-Grid Experts Award is lent. In four categories proposals could be submitted: Product, project, picture and film. The Award went over well that we have maintained it and now it has set up as a part of the Workshops. And also this time the fun was not neglected, with a Segway race and a nice evening in "Münchner Kindl". Further pictures are here.

Episode 2014: Implementation of our new Corporate Identity


In 2014 there was another big change. We introduced our new Corporate Identity. There was the set-up of Phaesun Ivory. And we had a great meeting of the Phaesun board in Memmingen. Furhter pictures you can find here.

Episode 2015: Winning the Bavarian Quality Award!


2015 was another exciting year for us. We got the Bavarian Quality Award - we are still proud of, because it was hard work! And again a very successful workshop took place - by the way the next one is coming soon: 27.-29.9.2017. You should already save the date. More pictures could be found here.