Phaesun Off-Grid News - March 2018

New product : Smart Duet charge controller

The new Smart Duet is perfect for use in camper vans, caravans or boats, it is the perfect link between solar module and on-board battery.
Smart Duet is suitable for all commercially available solar modules.
The Smart Duet 9 you can find here, the Smart Duet 14, here.

Leisure market showing off on our homepage

A new division has been added on : please check "leisure market" under the section Portfolio. Here you can get quickly introduced on caravan/camping applications and products. What kind of solar modules can be used? What types of charge controllers and inverters? What is a charge booster? In addition, we present storage media and suitable consumers. Here it goes directly to the page.


Phaesun at the 3rd Solar Winter School

Our colleague Russom Semere participated in the 3rd Solar Winter School of SRH Hochschule Berlin. The participants are certified experts in photovoltaics/solar power technology and have a profound understanding of solar industry. Russom gave an exciting talk on solar powered water pumping and solar system design. Pictures can be seen on Facebook.

Forum africain on the Ivory Coast

Julien Cot from Phaesun Ivory Coast and Isabelle Kouassi from S-Tel participated in the "Forum africain pour la r├ęsilience" in Abidjan, organized by the Development Bank and held for the second time with more than 300 participants.
The aim of this forum is to discuss about operational modalities for assistance of communities, especially the most vulnerable. Julien and Isabelle presented innovative products and solutions from the solar market in this context. Pictures are available on Facebook.

Farewell to our interns

At the end of February, the internship ended for two of our interns. Silas completed his practical semester and Cora completed her school internship. We would like to thank them again for the active support and wish them all the best for their future. Pictures can be found here.



Removed articles from the online order platform

Since November 2017, we give you a short overview about the articles which are removed from the Online Order platform. Most of the removed products are in fact replaced by new products (with new functionalities per instance). Other are simply not produced any longer by the manufacturer, and our stock being exhausted, we have to remove the reference from the online platform. Following products will be removed from the online order platform :

Ref. 321173_Solar Charge Controller MPPT Western WRM30
Ref. 390009_Ground Structure for Solar Modules 5W / 10W
Ref. 106020_Solsafe S-Box 32A for Compact S-Box-25C
Ref. 106021_Solsafe S-Box 32A for Xtender S-Box-25X
Ref. 106022_Solsafe S-Box 32A for Compact with ENS-26 S-Box-25C-E
Ref. 106023_Solsafe S-Box 25A for Xtender with ENS-26 S-Box-25X-E

The order platform reflects our current product portfolio.