Phaesun Off-Grid News - November 2015

PV Irrigation System for Omani Farmers
The falaj is a traditional system for directing underground water to the surface by gravity. It has been used for domestic water supply and irrigation in Oman for centuries. Traditional irrigation is via channels and surface flooding. The objective of this pilot project is to collect one farmer’s share of water in a 50m3 ground reservoir and use solar energy and modern irrigation methods to irrigate an area of 0.3 hectare on a daily basis. The 1.5 kW solar generator serves a 1,3kW Grundfos-SQflex-pump. Mayor benefits include are improved irrigation efficiency, improved crop yields and reduced labour. The project planning, installation and implementation was a joint approach of the NGO Earthwatch, Omani authorities and Phaesun Middle East. Please find pictures of the installation and the PV irrigation system on our Facebook-page here.

Distribution partnership with SolarWorld for Phaesun-Partner

Phaesun partner company S-Tel which is located at Abidjan/ Ivory Coast becomes official distributor for SolarWorld products for the West African market. The cooperation between the German module manufacturer SolarWorld and the Ivorian solar company S-Tel was formalized during the Off-Grid Experts Workshop in Memmingen/Germany in September 2015. This is one step towards a comprehensive decentralization strategy for the Phaesun Group. As well as S-Tel, Phaesun supports other partner companies in the target countries in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East to strengthen their relationships with manufacturers. Our distribution partners are supported by Phaesun and the manufacturers with close collaboration within the supply chain. Other activities such as technical training help to improve the supply of Off-Grid components in the target markets.

Information on products and prices

* Steca charge controllers with innovative features *

Steca has added new features to their charge controller range. The new Steca Solsum 2525 / 4040 and Solarix 2525 / 4040 are best suited for larger solar systems because of the increased module and load current. These devices now have an integrated USB port where smart phones and tablets can be charged The new Steca charge controllers will be available in December. Find them
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* New lower battery prices *
Our new lower purchasing prices and other factors mean we are able to offer the batteries from Intact, Vision, Hoppecke, GNB Exide, Rolls and BMZ at more favourable prices. The new prices are valid with immediate effect. As a logged in user, you can always review the current prices on Please find all batteries here.
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Do not miss: Upcoming Events!

Wipro Energy Workshop 2015

02.12.2015, Dresden/Germany
Representatives from industry, trade and politics from Europe and Africa meet for the Wipro energy workshop in Dresden once a year to exchange views of a sustainable energy supply. This year, a particular focus is both on the tuition and training in the field of renewable energies and entrepreneurship. Phaesun will report about partner programmes in Africa. Please find further information on the official website here.

Movera Info-Show 2015

08./09.12.2015, Friedrichshafen/Germany
Movera has established the Info-Show as a benchmark in the appointment books of traders of accessories of leisure time articles. Phaesun will again present their product portfolio for the mobile power supply at this event.

SRH Solar Winter School 2016
25.01. - 07.02.2016, Berlin/Germany
The SRH University of Berlin offers a practical training programme for solar entrepreneurs and installers with a particular focus on system sizing and the installation of independent solar systems, as well as the distribution and marketing around products for sustained power supply. The core of this programme is a two-weeks lasting intensive course at the renowned university, further parts are a structured Online pre- and review, as well as a traineeship with a relevant company. Please find information about the Winter School on the SRH Website here.