Phaesun Off-Grid News - November 2017

Workshop 2017 - again a complete success

From 27.-29.09. the Off-Grid Experts Workshop took place for the fifth time in Memmingen.
More than 400 visitors from all over the world were able to expand their knowledge of the latest developments in the off-grid market during product training on the Tec-Day, lectures and numerous side events.
As a special act, the drummer trio "Playmobeat" performed with their program Energetic Independence on 29.09 and inspired the audience.
Also on the rodeo on the evening of the 28th it was hot and finally the crowd hit the dancefloor.
We appreciate the great feedback we have received from many sides. In this sense, we would like to thank all visitors, exhibitors and helpers for their support. Our motto remains: "Switch on Off-Grid!"
You can find more pictures of the workshop on the workshop page.


Price reduction

Due to the strong Euro, the prices of our suppliers Outback and Morningstar were reduced.
For more information, please contact our sales team.

Delegation from Morocco

As part of the "Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" seminar, we welcomed on 11 October a delegation of entrepreneurs, representatives of the Ministry of Energy, university lecturers and vocational school teachers from Morocco.
We were able to bring the interested participants closer to our solutions for off-grid power supply.
More pictures can be found on Facebook.



Battle of the titans

It is now almost a tradition that we compete together with befriended companies in various competitions.
Unfortunately, we lost the last Challenge - which was Boccia.
Now we have received from the winner's corner by Keckeisen the challenge to the biathlon.
May the best win!


Delegation from Ethiopia

As part of the GIZ event "Renewable Energies for Ethiopia", we welcomed a second delegation. This time they came from Ethiopia.
Here, too, we were able to present our extensive BOSS and Off-Grid solutions. More pictures can be found on Facebook.



New power available!

Our Sun Peak modules are now available from 25 Wp to 160 Wp.
There are also new features in our Flyweight models. This is now available with an output of 80 and 120 Wp.
The Trekking can be ordered by our customers in versions 1x7, 2x3,5 and 2x7.
The reason is the improved Sun Power cell which is more powerfull.
See all products on



Removed Articles from the Online Order Platform

Important note!

In the future we will give you a short overview about the articles which are removed from the Online Order platform. All removed articles are replaced with better products. The Online Order Platform reflects our current product portfolio.
These articles are removed this month:

321287 Inverter Phocos SI 700-24230
303461 Battery Charger Studer MBC 24-32/1
310262 Solar Module Phaesun Sun Peak SPR 100_4
380114 Plug'n'Play Power System Smart Energy Xtender Power AC3548 1PH
380133 Plug'n'Play Power System Smart Energy Xtender Power AC10048T 3PH
380134 Plug'n'Play Power System Smart Energy Xtender Power AC5048 1PH
321218 Battery to Battery Charger BBW1220
321219 Battery to Battery Charger BBW1224
321223 Battery to Battery Charger BBW1260
321416 Battery to Battery Charger Sterling BB1230
321417 Battery to Battery Charger Sterling BB1260
321418 Battery to Battery Charger Sterling BB122470
321419 Battery to Battery Charger Sterling BB242435
321420 Battery to Battery Charger Sterling BB241235
390982 Remote Control BBCRC

Off-Grid Awards 2017

On 29.09. the best contributions from the categories "product, project, image and filmlet" were selected at the Off-Grid Awards.
The following winners were selected for each category:

Product: MicroEnergy International with its Swarm Controller
Project: Rafiki Power with Kwa Mtoro
Image: Rafiki Power with the image "What difference light can make at night?”
Filmlet: Lagazel with "Lagazel manufacturing Solar lamps in Africa"

Congratulations at this point again from us to the nominees and winners.
Before the award, the drummer Trio Playmobeat reheated the visitors again. Together with the DJs Qunicy Jointz and Phonc Ribery was celebrated until the next morning. We find it was a nice ending for a successful event. More information about the award can be found here.