Phaesun Off-Grid News - October 2015

Solar water pumping system for mission in Zimbabwe
In September 2015, a solar water pumping system could be completed at the mission station Mary Mount in Mashonaland in Zimbabwe. The Jesuit mission has been supporting the neighbouring municipality with workshops and agricultural activities since 1946. Since the diesel operated water pumping system had to be replaced after decades of use, the Jesuit order decided in favour of a sustained solar water pumping system. The capital investment was mainly covered by donations from Germany. The planning and installation of the system was carried out on the basis of a close collaboration between the committed German-Zimbabwean mission team, the Phaesun engineers and the Zimbabwean partner company Samansco. The installation task was tackled by both members of the mission station and members of the municipality who were thus able to acquire some knowledge of solar technology. The pumping system was put into operation simultaneously with the start of the dry season and can thus support the cultivation of peanuts and the subsequent processing to peanut butter. Please find pictures of the installation on our facebook page here.


Decentralisation: Phaesun gets closer to its partners
Phaesun increasingly focusses on a strategy of decentralisation and the support of local partners. With six subsidiaries and representative offices worldwide, Phaesun is already strongly represented in Europe and the target regions of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Phaesun now uses this network to offer its partners in the project countries a better support for the execution of projects and the distribution of components. Within a narrow time frame to the Off-Grid Experts Workshop, Phaesun invited the closest distribution partners to a strategic Gold Partner Plenum and tailormade technical trainings to Memmingen. Further training courses and the development of joint marketing activities are being prepared. Due to the close cooperation with local partners, Phaesun improves the quality of its distribution network while ensuring the support for end customers and solar system users at the same time. Please find pictures of the Gold Partner Plenum on our facebook page here.

Travelling and surviving everywhere in the world: Successful first start of the new outdoor fair
Nature loving adventurers met from 02.-04.10.2015 in Walsrode/Germany for the first trade fair entitled "Travelling and Surviving Everywhere in the World". Visitors were offered an exciting weekend programme: Apart from authentical travel reports and survival trainings, they were able to test the latest equipment for a stay in the wilderness. In beautiful sunshine, Phaesun demonstrated how solar power supply works when you are on your way! Smallest applications for the charging of USB consumers such as mobile phones for your trekking trip, or Complete Kits for the power supply of outdoor mobile homes off the paved roads attracted great interest. After having started successfully, the organisers of the German-British company Adventure Northside wish to establish the event on an annual basis. Please find further information on the official website  here.

Information on products

* Sun Wave Solarmodule jetzt zum Einführungspreis *

* Sun Wave solar modules now at introductory prices *
Phaesun presents the innovative Off-Grid solar module Sun Wave! It is embedded in a frame of zinc-coated corrugated iron and can be mounted on a roof with hammer and nails just as a corrugated iron sheet. The module is available in the sizes 30W and 50W and as a kit with electronics and installation accessories from the end of November on. We will grant you a 10% introductory discount on pre-orders placed until 15.11.2015 via the Phaesun Online Order Platform. Please find the Sun Wave products on the Online Order Platform here: Sun Wave modules and Sun Wave Kits. Please ask for your Log-In:
* Batteries now at more favourable prices *
Due to decreased purchasing prices and some additional factors else, we are able to offer the batteries of Intact, Vision, Hoppecke, GNB Exide, Rolls and BMZ now at more favourable prices. The new prices are valid with immediate effect. As a logged in user, you can always review the current prices on Please find all batteries here.
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Do not miss: Upcoming Events!

Wipro Energy Workshop 2015

02.12.2015, Dresden/Germany
Representatives from industry, trade and politics from Europe and Africa meet for the Wipro energy workshop in Dresden once a year to exchange views of a sustainable energy supply. This year, a particular focus is both on the tuition and training in the field of renewable energies and entrepreneurship. Phaesun will report about partner programmes in Africa. Please find further information on the official website here.

Movera Info-Show 2015

08./09.12.2015, Friedrichshafen/Germany
Movera has established the Info-Show as a benchmark in the appointment books of traders of accessories of leisure time articles. Phaesun will again present their product portfolio for the mobile power supply at this event.

SRH Solar Winter School 2016
25.01. - 07.02.2016, Berlin/Germany
The SRH University of Berlin offers a practical training programme for solar entrepreneurs and installers with a particular focus on system sizing and the installation of independent solar systems, as well as the distribution and marketing around products for sustained power supply. The core of this programme is a two-weeks lasting intensive course at the renowned university, further parts are a structured Online pre- and review, as well as a traineeship with a relevant company. Please find information about the Winter School on the SRH Website here.