Power Supply for Eritrean Church Adi Beza

Project description

The objective of the project was the power supply for the catholic church of the village Adi Beza in rural Eritrea. The solar system guarantees a reliable electric illumination and the serves the electric sound system. The components were delivered by Phaesun Germany and the system was installed by Phaesun Asmara.


Why was PV selected?

The Eritrean national electricity grid covers only big cities in Eritrea. Rural areas often suffer from inefficient power supply. Diesel generators are often used for small-scale power generation but cause high running costs, noise and CO2 emissions.The ability to provide continuous power in any environment makes solar systems perfect for the electricity provision for rural areas.


Special challenges

The challenge to successfully implement the system was mainly the remoteness of the site. Transportation of the equipment was a challenge but was safely and efficiently carried out by local partner Phaesun Asmara.


  • Adi Beza Village, Eritrea

Project participants

  • Funding: village administration
  • Installation: Phaesun Asmara

End user

  • Adi Beza Church


  • September 2010 


  • 220 Wp

System components

  • 4 x Solar Module ETSolar 55 Wp
  • 1 x Solar Charge Controller
    Steca PR 3030 12/24 V / 30 A
  • 2 x Battery Intact Gel-Power 12 V gel battery 225 Ah (C100)
  • 10 x Energy Saving Lamp Sundaya Qlite
    9 W, 12 VDC
  • 10 x Lighting Unit Sundaya Multilight 1 300 (6 W)