Corporate Responsibility

Economic, social and environmental responsibility are integrated part of the Phaesun company culture.
We regard responsibility as a mindset!

Phaesun's CR activities span across the following areas:

Phaesun Quality Management

  • ISO certification of PNG and PNF
  • AEO certification
  • Quality as key value of Phaesun culture

Development of Rural Electrification Activities

  • AEEP-Project with University Arba Minch/Ethiopia and University Neu-Ulm: Development and operation of BOSS-systems (Business Opportunities with Solar Systems)
  • Active member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE)
  • E3 Mozambique- Electrification, Education, Entrepreneurship, Public Private Partnership Mozambique
  • Coalition SiRCHA for the use of renewable energies in Rural Health Care in Western Africa
  • ZimRelief/Ingenieure ohne Grenzen: Renewable power supply for educational centres in Zimbabwe
  • REvivED water is a European Union funded innovation project which aims to contribute to overcoming the drinking water challenge by establishing electrodialysis (ED) as the new standard for desalination of seawater. Safe, affordable and cost-competitive drinking water will be produced; with significantly reduced energy consumption compared to state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology
  • Project for data transfer togehter with Infinite Fingers
  • Development of a milk cooling system together with the University of Hohenheim and GIZ
  • Development of an oil press togehter with the University of Hohenheim

Support of Educational and Cultural Institutions/Initiatives

  • Off-Grid Experts Workshops and Off-Grid Experts Awards
  • Solar workshops at „Abenteuer Siedeln“, (Youth Camp of the Red Cross)DeSal Challenge 2012/2013 with Technical University Munich
  • "Engineers for Germany" with Strigel-Gymnasium Memmingen
  • Sponsoring of new training jackets for the TGM team of TG Dietmannsried-Memmingen
  • Lab30 of culture department Augsburg
  • "Green Power for Romani" with SiFE Regensburg
  • JAMM - Jazz Art Memmingen e.V.
  • Support of the initiative "gift of hearts" from humedica
  • Semester exhibiton of the graduates of the design course of study in Konstanz
  • History Project "Time Machine" from city mueseum Memmingen