Sustainable packaging -
Ecological and untreated

Packaging concept:

Phaesun GmbH has switched to sustainable packaging since the beginning of 2021 in order to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Phaesun made a conscious decision to do so for environmental as well as quality reasons. In order to supply the products in a resource-saving and sustainable manner, the packaging consists of ecologically untreated brown cardboard. The packaging is produced according to Phaesun quality specifications and without plastic lamination (no composites). This makes the packaging easy to recycle multiple times.

The product graphics are printed on the cardboard boxes with a monochrome, environmentally friendly and water-soluble ink (solvent-free), so that the products can still be depicted and the contents can be seen from the outside. All technical information such as CE, ROHS, REACH and WEEE will be printed as well, of course.

The sustainable packaging, which is produced chemical-free, should help to do something good for the environment. Phaesun tries to use resources as sparingly as possible and also to use packaging as sparingly as possible during shipping. Since packaging is often necessary to guarantee product quality, materials that are as gentle as possible are used here, such as the new cardboard boxes. Economic, social and ecological responsibility are integrated into the Phaesun corporate culture! For us, responsibility is the basis of all actions!