Community Power Supply

Electricity for Cuban mountain villages for lighting, cooling, TV and more.

Community Power Supply, Cuba


Off-Grid Connect

Off-Grid Connect System with a 12kWp solar generator for the FAO-office in Asmara/Eritrea

Off-Grid Connect, FAO Eritrea


"Green Power" for Romani

PicoPV systems to lighten homes of the Romani population in Romania.

"Green Power" for Romani


UNDP Water Project

Safe and clean drinking water for thousands of families and the agriculture.

UNDP Water Project Pakistan


School Project

Reliable lighting solution for the school of Pessene.

Mozambique School Project


PicoPV Systems

Improvement of the energy situation of the rural population of Maasai villages in Kenya.

PicoPV System in Tanzania


Power Supply Church Adi Beza

Reliable electricity for illumination and the sound system.

Power Supply for Eritrean Church Adi Beza


Power Supply for Mountain Hut

New system at the Mountain Hut "Amendinger Hütte" in the German Alps.

Power Supply for Mountain Hut, German Alps


Primary School

Educational activities also in the evening hours thanks to solar power.

Primary School and Teachers Residents, Eritrea


Plan Ethiopia

Solar off-grid power supply to public institutions in the south of Ethiopia.

Rural Electrification with Plan Ethiopia


PV System Yandup Island

Independent clean power supply for holiday lodge.

PV System Yandup Island Lodge, Panama


Hybrid System Subihiyah

Solar and wind energy for visitor centre.

Hybrid System Subihiyah Oasis


Hydro Power for Mountain Hut

The Probstalmhütte is a self supporter lodge in the German Alps.

Hydro Power for Mountain Hut

Namibia and Lesotho

Football for Hope

Football pitches in Namibia and Lesotho were equipped with solar street lighting systems.

Football for Hope


BOSS in Somaliland

Off-Grid solar systems to generate income in Somaliland.

BOSS in Somaliland


Community Water Supply

Solar pumping system for reliable water supply for the village Deki Tsunai.

Community Water Supply, Eritrea

South Sudan

Drinking Water Supply

Guaranteeing reliable drinking water supply for the village Akobo.

Drinking Water Supply, Sudan


Water Supply

Reliable water supply for drinking water and livestock watering for the areas around Mogadishu.

Water Supply, Somalia


Telma Mobile Project

PV Off-Grid solutions to supply GSM telecom sites in rural Madagascar.

Telma Mobile Project


MTN Project

Hybrid systems based on solar and diesel generators for Off-Grid telecommunication sites.

MTN Project, Nigeria

Burkina Faso

Telecel Project

PV-Off-Grid systems for 10 telecommunication sites in Centre-Ouest region.

Telecel Project, Burkina Faso


Shell Nigeria CP Project

Cathodic protection equipment entirely empowered by solar energy.

Shell Nigeria CP Project


British Council Back-Up

The system powers essential loads of the British Council during power cuts.

British Council Eritrea Back-Up System


German Embassy Back-Up

Power cuts for up to six hours can be bypassed.

German Embassy Asmara Back-Up System


Off-Grid Connect for Hospital

Off-Grid Connect System in the Orotta hospital in Asmara/Eritrea

Off-Grid Connect, Orotta Hospital Asmara


Off-Grid Connect, Villa Gabon

Off-Grid Connect system with a 26 kWp solar generator for a villa in La Pointe Denis, Gabon

Off-Grid Connect, Villa Pointe Denis

Ivory Coast

PV lighting at Abidjan Harbour

85 solar LED streetlights have been installed at the Vridi channel in Abidjan/Ivory Coast

PV Lighting, Abidjan Harbour


PV Irrigation System

PV Irrigation System for Omani Farmers

PV Irrigation System


KWS Project

Digital radio network for communication across the wide areas of Nation Parks and Reserves

KWS Project Kenya


Office and Toll Road Systems

Two OGC systems with diesel geset back up

Off-Grid Connect, Office and Toll Road Systems