DC Loads

We do not want to do without comfort when traveling. Therefore, the number of consumers in caravans and in the boat area is getting bigger. When planning a solar system, they must therefore be listed exactly to ensure a reliable power supply. We have created an overview of the most common consumers in caravans and motorhomes, so you get a feel for the total consumption. This list is certainly not complete and can be added as desired.




On the Online Order Platform, we offer numerous DC consumers, such as lights and lamps, refrigerators, fans and televisions.

Light ca. 14 – 20 Watt Depending on the equipment
Radio ca. 15 – 20 Watt
Water pump ca. 20 – 40 Watt
TV/Receiver ca. 75 Watt
Compressor-Refrigerator ca. 32 – 70 Watt Depending on the manufacturer and size
Blower of heating ca. 15 – 24 Watt
Reversing camera ca. 2,5 – 10 Watt
Manoeuvering system caravan ca. 240 – 1.800 Watt
Roof vent ca. 20 – 40 Watt
Frost protecting heating cable ca. 30- 150 Watt
Heating carpet ca. 25 – 80 Watt
Electric tread ca. 60 – 168 Watt
Gas boiler ca. 800 Watt