Corporate Responsibility (CR)

Economic, social and environmental responsibility are integrated part of the Phaesun company culture. We regard responsibility as a mindset!
Phaesun's CR activities span across the following areas:

Phaesun Quality Management

  • ISO certification of PNG and PNF
  • AEO certification
  • Quality as key value of Phaesun culture

Development of Rural Electrification Activities

  • Active member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE)
  • Research and Innovation department for implementing innovative technologies in rural electrification projects
  • Part of SelfChill consortium for development of solar cooling solutions
  • PV Cool Kenya (developpp project): Implementation of solar cooling solutions in Kenya
  • REvivED water: development and implementation of solar powered water desalination systems
  • SEED project: concept for energy hubs for informal settlements

Support of Educational and Cultural Institutions/Initiatives

  • HUMAN-Stiftung
  • Humedica e.V. 
  • Karen e.V. Berlin 
  • Local Rotary Clubs 
  • mood Club Memmingen, support for musicians and bands
  • Contribution to international training courses of GIZ programme “Green People´s Energy”
  • Technical seminars for Bfz International
  • SRH Winter School and SRH Solar team-Up
  • Cooperation with University Hohenheim, University of Applied Sciences Rottenburg, University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm
  • Cooperation with local schools and colleges
  • Off-Grid Expo and Conference
  • Cooperation with local NGOs and aid organisations
  • Sponsoring local sports clubs
  • Sponsoring local cultural activities