Research & Innovation: Implementing new products and services

In the past, we have come across requests from customers for applications that cannot be covered by the products available on the market. The goal of the R&I department is to close gaps in the product portfolio, to test products under real conditions in the field, to accompany pilot uses and to prepare the market for the introduction of new products.

Our R&I team has many years of experience in the field of off-grid power supply, in project management in technical and in scientific contexts. In addition, the R&I team is supported by colleagues from product management, sales, marketing and logistics.
Cooperation with universities and other research institutions worldwide promotes knowledge exchange.

Phaesun currently focuses on the following areas with the R&I department:

  • Solar cooling applications for agricultural use
  • Productive use of energy: BOSS applications (Business Opportunities with Solar Systems)
  • Solar water supply (desalination and purification)
  • Remote monitoring and control of off-grid solar systems

Please visit the following websites for more information on specific projects:

  • Phaesun has developed the SelfChill concept for modular solar powered cooling systems together with Solar Cooling Engineering UG and the University of Hohenheim. The website presents the concept, the products and the current projects.
  • Phaesun has participated in the development and piloting of solar powered water desalination and purification systems based on electrodialysis as part of the RevivED Water project.


Explore SelfChill solar cooling solutions

REvivED water: Revival of electrodialysis for water desalination