Solar Home Systems (SHS)

Classical Solar Home Systems (SHS) generally cover a power output of up to 200W peak. They are normally composed of several independent components: modules, charge controller, battery and the loads. The overall energy management is done by the charge controller as the central component of the system. Important advantages of classical SHS are the DC loads like DC energy saving lamps, radios, DC TV and special DC fridges directly usable by the system. This makes SHS very energy efficient systems without any conversion losses.

For bigger SHS, the integration of AC loads is possible with the use of a DC/AC inverter, however these loads are often inefficient and oversized and thus can have a long-term impact on the storage capacity, which might be quickly damaged if let in a state of permanent deep discharge.

Consequently, it requires good design and the use of an optimized charging technology. However, trained technicians for the installation and suitable operation and maintenance will easily allow the SHS to provide reliable energy supply for years.