Sun Power Cell



In the meantime, there are so many solar module manufacturers as sand on the sea, which is the basic material (silicon) for these. This makes the selection difficult for the user. For more than 10 years, we have opted for modules with the special cells from Sunpower. These were already pioneers in terms of efficiency and sustainability with their cells. In the meantime, these cells are installed in the following Phaesun solar modules and module kits: Sun Peak SPR modules, Fly Weight, Trek King and Semi Flex (semiflexible solar modules and module kits). This enables us to offer our customers clean and sustainable energy.



The back-contacted Sunpower cells are distinguished by the fact that there are no contact grating lines on the front, they have an extremely solid copper back, and special cell connectors are used which have strain relief. As a result, expansion and contraction of the cell are prevented by daily influences such as temperature fluctuations. The back wall made of copper, with its thickness, ensures extreme strength and is almost corrosion-resistant.

For this reason, the Sunpower cells differ from all other normal cells on the market, which lose their performance over time due to corrosion and fracture. So you can enjoy your freedom aboard a boat, caravans, motorhomes or offroaders in any angle of this world with electricity from the sun.

Due to the contact-connected solar cell technology, one is in a  position to utilize every solar beam optimally. On the front is 100% cell surface, where in normal modules metal paste lines (grid) and solder connectors cover the cell surface. As a result, the Sunpower cells operate earlier in the day, but still perform at high heat during the midday period, and work longer than normal modules in the evening hours.

It is not for nothing that Sunpower's back-contacted cells currently have the highest efficiency of up to 21.4% on the market. This efficiency indicates how much of the solar energy radiated on this surface can actually be converted into electricity. This is reflected in the smaller area of the modules. With the Phaesun solar modules and module kits with Sunpower cells, we offer you a variety of high-performance solar modules that keep what they promise.