Phaesun Off-Grid News - April 2017


Berlin Winterschool

Also this year we offered a training at the Solar Winterschool SRH in Berlin. The main topics were system design and the integration of off-grid solar PV systems, solar water pump systems and project development and planning.We were very pleased with the response.We have compiled further impressions on Facebook.



Bio Sun Water Treatment Plant

With the help of ultraviolet light, bacteria, viruses, algae etc. can be successfully destroyed.This is exactly what the Bio Sun water treatment plant from Phaesun has. The patented system helps to eliminate diseases caused by contaminated water, especially in less urbanized areas. We would be glad to inform you about the system, write an e-mail to our Sales Team.


Visitor Registration Off-Grid Experts Workshop 2017

It goes with big steps towards the workshop. From now on, you can register as a visitor to the workshop. Sign up here today and take advantage of the early booking discount!



New Kit First Aid

Our latest Kit First Aid is ideally suited for use in severe conditions. With the kit, a laptop can be safely operated without power connection. Especially in crisis areas or areas with a lack of infrastructure the kit is used. All relevant components are included for a fail-safe operation. 


Outbacktraining in March

Outback offers a free in-house training for interested Phaesun customers. For further information and to register please write us an E-Mail.



BOSS Milky Way

Together with the University of Hohenheim we have developed a milk cooling system for use on farms. The milled milk is cooled with ice, which is produced by means of solar energy. This makes it more durable and can be transported over longer distances to dairies. With this system, bacterial growth can be reduced and higher milk yield achieved. The improved milk quality also has a positive effect on the price achieved. You can find more information about this system here.



Submit Posts for Off-Grid Experts Award 2017

In 2017, we will again give awards in 4 different categories: for products, pictures, projects and short films. Applications for products and projects are already accepted. Pictures and films can be submitted later. More info can be found here.