Phaesun Off-Grid News - February 2018

Lead price

The purchase price of lead has increased further; consequently the price of the batteries is affected.
The price of batteries has been updated at the beginning of the month.
You will find the full range on our Online Order Platform.



Updated pricelist

As happens every New Year, prices have been adjusted; the new price list is now available through a simple request to
Prices are already adjusted on the Online Order Platform.


New solar system in the UNICEF headquarters in Abidjan

This self-consumption system with energy storage system was built on the roof of the main quarter of UNICEF Ivory Coast in Abidjan.
The installation was carried out with our local partner S-Tel, together with the Phaesun local office Ivory Coast.
The system has a three phase 10 kW inverter/charger and produces 22 MWh/year, with a storage capacity of 35 kWh.
We support a cleaner world and develop solar energy systems in Africa and around the world, along with dedicated organizations like UNICEF in this project.
You can find the video of the installation here.



Hybrid pumping system in Ethiopian refugee camp

In Dolo Ado, Ethiopia, a hybrid pumping system solar/diesel generator was installed for a refugee camp. It was supposed to cover the water demand of 400m³ for about 40 000 refugees.
In the first attempt, the inverter installed unfortunately did not meet the technical expectations and the intended amount of water could not be produced.
For this reason it was decided to replace the existing pump inverter, our colleague Jürgen Grosser was on-site to carry out the exchange. Now the system works smoothly.


The Boot Düsseldorf 2018 – review

The Boat show & Watersports Exhibition set a new record this year with 1.923 exhibitors from 68 different countries.
With 220.000m² divided into 16 halls, this show attracted 247.000 visitors (5.000 more than last year).
Together with the companies Engel, Mörer and Silentwind, Phaesun presented the latest products at a shared booth in Hall 11.
Next year the Boot will celebrate its 50th birthday from January 19th to 27th ; don’t miss it!
All pictures of Boot 2018 are on our Facebook page.



World Future Energy Summit Middle East

Chemdoc Water Technologies is a manufacturer of desalination plants. Phaesun is the exclusive partner for solar powered water treatment units.
From January 15th to 18th, Chemdoc has introduced the solar powered solution to the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.