Phaesun Off-Grid News - January 2016

15 Years phaesunized!
It was 15 years ago that the cornerstone for Phaesun was laid in Memmingen. Right from the beginning, the focus has been put on the independent power supply with renewable energies. Since then, the Phaesun Team has jolted the Off-Grid community year after year again. The company has developed further in state of constant flux and agitating for a future with Off-Grid power. We wish to use the anniversary year 2016 to tell about our background and history. Every month we report on the highlights of another episode of the Phaesun history.
We provide you an insight into historical photos, old documents and funny events. To this end, we use the monthly newsletter, the Phaesun Facebook page, our Special Sales campaigns, the fairs and conferences. We are also happy to get some input from you! Do you remember one or another episode? Were you present at one of the events? Did you carry out an exciting project together with Phaesun? Join us for a review!

Phaesun from 2001 - 2003: The early years...

In 2001, a Greek and a guy from the Allgäu took a trip on a ship to Santorini. They decided to found a solar technology company together with a Brit, a Franconian, a Sudanese and a Rhinelander. It sounds like an absurd idea, but in the very same year, the company started its work in a garage located in the beautiful Allgäu landscape, first as a purchasing pool for international solar companies. Phaeton, a son of the Greek sun-god was the inspiration for the company name. Phaeton is a symbol for luminance, on the other hand, the story also warns against arrogance.
Since the beginning, Tobias Zwirner has been Managing Director of Phaesun GmbH. Also in 2001, Phaesun Asmara was founded in Eritrea as a representative office in East Africa.
In 2002, the first Phaesun product catalogue was published. In the focus were complete solar kits based on Steca electronics and packed in wooden boxes for the operation of electric tools, walkmans, diskmans and gameboys.
Please find photos of the foundation meeting, the first Phaesun product catalogue of 2002 and pictures of the first project installations worldwide on the Phaesun Facebook here.


Information on products and prices

* Extension of Sun Plus solar module range *
Phaesun is continuously extending the range of Off-Grid solar modules called Sun Plus. The demand for the crystalline 12V solar modules is high due to the good price/performance ratio. First Phaesun started with Sun Plus modules ranging from 5W until 20W, now the modules are also available in the higher power range with, 30W, 50W, 80W, 100W and 150W. Please find the Sun Plus solar modules on the Phaesun Online Order Platform here.

* Adaption of delivery prices *
The prices for parcel deliveries within Germany have been raised a little bit due to higher prices of the transport companies from January on. There will be also changes in the delivery costs for parcels and pallets within Europe especially regarding the transport of dangerous goods (e.g. batteries) from February on. We will keep you informed. For further info please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.



Do not miss: Upcoming Events!

Messe Boot
23.- 31.01.2016, Düsseldorf, Germany
Messe Boot will open its gates for the the 47th time. With new offers and an extended programme, Europe’s largest boat fair attracts its visitors to Düsseldorf.
Please find solutions for power supply on the water at the PhaesunBooth D 37 in hall 11.  Please ask us for your ticket ( and find more information here.

SRH Solar Winter School 2016
25.01. - 07.02.2016, Berlin/Germany
The SRH University of Berlin offers a practical training programme for solar entrepreneurs and installers with a particular focus on system sizing and the installation of independent solar systems, as well as the distribution and marketing around products for sustained power supply. The core of this programme is a two-weeks lasting intensive course at the renowned university, further parts are a structured Online pre- and review, as well as a traineeship with a relevant company. Please find information about the Winter School on the SRH Website here.


Solar Middle East
01.- 03.03.2016, Dubai, UAE
Under the motto "Unlimited Energy" the largest solar fair in the Middle East will take place in Dubai. Manufacturers, traders, system integrators and representatives of state organisations will introduce their portfolio. At the Phaesun booth MC23 we will particularly present PV-Off-Grid-solutions for rural electrification, pumping systems and industrial applications. Please find further information here.