Phaesun Off-Grid News - June 2016

Training for Phaesun partners at Ivory Coast

The engineers of Phaesun France have successfully conducted a training for system sizing and installation for the technical team of Phaesun-partner S-TEL at Abidjan/Ivory Coast. A special focus was set on the so-called Off-Grid Connect Systems, that are used for locations that are connected to the electricity grid, but the grid is very unreliable. Therefore the solar generator of the Off-Grid Connect system serves the most important electrical loads and guarantees reliable power supply. The training was part of the decentralisation strategy of the Phaesun Group to strenghten the capacities of the international Phaesun partners to improve the service quality for installations and maintenance. You can also find info about the Phaesun training at Ivory Coast on the Phaesun Linked-In-Page here.

15 Years phaesunized!
Episode 2010/2011: Liberté, Unicité, Expertise!

It was 15 years ago that the cornerstone for Phaesun was laid in Memmingen in the Allgäu. We use this anniversary year to tell about the Phaesun background and history episode by episode!
2010 is a very special year of the Phaesun history: Phaesun France SAS was founded in the southern French city of Montpellier and the German-French-Off-Grid-partnership has been established! The team of Phaesun France brought in extensive expertise with a special focus on solar water pumping and telecommunication systems! Furthermore Phaesun France enriches the global network of Phaesun due to the good partnerships with companies in the French speaking parts of the African continent. Due to this add-on of competences, Phaesun since then has been using the nickname "The Off-Grid Experts". Please find pictures of the episode 2010/2011 on our Facebook Page here.


Information on products

* Selected Steca charge controllers now with USB-output *
Steca is continuously working on the further improvement of their solar electronics and the integration of innovations. They have now equipped the new charge controller versions of Solsum 2525 and 4040, and Solarix 2525 and 4040 with USB-outputs. Therefore USB-appliances such as tablets and Smart Phones can be directly charged and served from the charge controller. Please find the Steca charge controller range on the Phaesun Online Order Platform here.

* New: Solar driven ventilation kits for wall-integration *
The solar ventilation kit Fresh Breeze can be used in many different ways: In the agricultural sector e.g. for the ventilation of chicken houses, for rooms with little air circulation such as green houses or winter gardens or other rooms that are not used so often. The ventilator starts automatically as soon as the irradiation of the sun is high enough, it can be easily integrated into the wall. Please find the solar ventilation kits Fast Breeze on the
Phaesun Online Order Platform here.