Power Supply for Mountain Hut, German Alps

Project description

Phaesun installed a new solar system at the Mountain Hut "Amendinger Hütte" close to Balderschwang in the German Alps. The mountain hut is owned by the Amendinger Sports Club and is used in summer time for sports events of the club and also for private events by the members of the sports club. The solar system offers reliable power supply for electric illumination in summer time.


Why was PV selected?

The mountain hut is not connected to the electricity grid. As the hut is mainly used in summer and the only electric loads are those for lighting, a PV Off-Grid system offers the most suitable solution.


Special challenges

The mountain hut was supplied by an old solar system before, but modules were broken and cabling was defective. The battery bank had been replaced three years earlier. Therefore most important was the installation of new modules, and the correct  regulation by a charge controller and the cabling.


  • Amendinger Hütte, Balderschwang, German Alps

Project participants

  • Sports Club Amendingen, Germany

End user

  • Sports Club and private visitors of the hut


  •  May 2011


  • 6 x 50 W

System components

  • 6 x 50 Wp ET Solar Modules
  • Charge Controller Steca PR 30/30
  • Mounting brackets, accessories and cabling.