Primary School and Teachers Residents, Eritrea

Project description

The objective was the reliable power supply for a primary school and the nearby teachers residents in the village Adi Belsey, Eritrea. The lelectric lighting at the school will extend the hours available for educational activities in the evening hours.
The project was funded by the NGO "Grundschule Adi Belsey in Eritrea e.V." and operated by Phaesun Germany in cooperation with Phaesun Asmara.


Why was PV selected?

Photovoltaic technology was selected as the only viable energy source for several reasons:
The national electricity grid does not reach many rural schools.
The use of generators is not encouraged owing to the scarcity of fuel, noise factor and high price of transport of the fuel to far flung remote sites.
Additionally the operation and maintenance cost of generator sets is problematic.


Special challenges

The challenge to successfully implement these systems was mainly the remoteness of the area. Transportation of the equipment and installation was a challenge but was safely and efficiently carried out by local partner Phaesun Asmara plc.


  • Adi Belsey, Eritrea

Project participants

  • Grundschule Adi Belsey in Eritrea e.V.
  • Phaesun Asmara

End user

  • Teachers and students from Adi Belsey School


  • October 2010

Project value

  • 18,000 EUR


  • 16 x 135 Wp

System components

  • 16 x Solarmodule ETSolar 135 Wp;
  • Solar Charge Controller Outback FLEXmax FM 60;
  • Inverter/Charger Studer XTH 6000-48, 5000 VA, 48 VDC, 230 V;
  • 24 x Battery Hoppecke 2 V, 989 Ah (C100)