German Embassy Asmara Back-Up System

Project description

The system powers essential loads of the embassy during power cuts for up to six hours. The batteries are charged from the grid. The batteries then serve the loads during power cuts, it guarantees s a reliable power supply without interruption during the switch from grid power to battery power.


Special challenges

The power supply in Eritrea even in the capital Asmara is not reliable. Power cuts of some minutes up to several hours are common. A battery back-up system is a suitable solution to supply reliable power to essential loads.


  • Asmara, Eritrea

Project participants

  • German Embassy Eritrea
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany
  • Phaesun Asmara


  • 2006

Project value

  • 24,000 EUR


  • Inverter/Charger: 12 kVA
  • Battery bank: 1.500 Ah, 48 V

System components

  • 1 x Outback 12 kVA/ 48 V Back-up System
  • 24 x  Hoppecke 12 OPzV 1500 / 2 V Batteries