Shell Nigeria CP Project

Project description

The project included supplying, mounting and start-up of the cathodic protection
equipment entirely empowered by solar energy. In several stages, integral photovoltaic generators of 14 kWp were launched throughout Nigeria, each of them supplying power to the cathodic protection for 5 km of the pipeline. For this project, a special concept was applied to install the solar array onto the roof of transport containers lately used as shelters for the equipment. Furthermore, solar modules being put up on the containers are more difficult for theft. The project also covered the staff training for mounting procedures in the compliance with the BP Solar standards.


Why was PV selected?

The stand alone photovoltaic systems do not require continuous maintenance. Thus, the solar energy provides the cathodic protection installations with reliable source of electricity.


Special challenges

Supplied within this project, the photovoltaic generator remote maintenance and control application Datapex enables the remote monitoring of stand alone solar installations trough the energy management system BP GM. The data is then transmitted to the customerâ??s headquarters via analog or GSM communications.


  • 6 sites in Nigeria

Project participants

  • Apex BP Solar
  • AO Demarg

End users

  • Shell Petroleum Development
  • Company of Nigeria


  • 2005/2006

Project value

  • 480,000 EUR


  • 84 kWp
  • Energy generated: 39,000 kWh per annum

System components

  • Polycristalline solar modules BP 380U
    (80 Wp / 12 V)
  • Sealed battery, bank of 48 V / 2000 Ah
  • BP GM type dual architecture control panel
  • Data collection and processing application Datapex
  • Cathodic protection unit