Telma Mobile Project

Project description

Phaesun provided  adequate PV Off-Grid solutions in order to supply GSM telecom sites of Telma Mobile operator in remote areas in rural Madagascar.

Several sites all over the country have been equipped with 7 to 8KWp systems. Some systems additionally use diesel generators for reliable power supply.  

The solar systems provide Telma Mobile with a flexible solution allowing expansion of their network in remote sites and giving access to telecommunication to local rural communities.


Why was PV selected?

Many rural areas in Madagascar are not connected to the electricity grid and are not easily accessible. The extension of the telecom network is growing fast. The power supply with diesel generators  causes high running costs. PV systems vastly reduce running and O&M costs.


Special challenges

There are significant quantities of sites that are far from well developed transport infrastructure. They are not accessible during the rainy se