Business Opportunities with Solar Systems (BOSS) in Somaliland

Project description

The electricity grid in Somaliland (Northern Part of Somalia) is poorly developed and the roads are rough. Off-Grid Solar systems are the only sustainable possibility to provide electricity and therefore also support economic development.
The BOSS-programme (Business Opportunities with Solar Systems) of Phaesun and its local partner company Horn Renewables aims at supporting small businesses with specific solar systems to increase their service portfolio.
The BOSS-systems include solar powered mobile phone charging stations, fridges for kiosks and mobile fridges for fish transportation.
In 2012 the first BOSS-systems were successfully implemented and first user reports confirm the growth of business activities due to the use of solar energy!


Special Challenges/Features:

  • The need for energy to recharge mobilphones is huge in the rural areas
  • Most of the BOSS sites are in the remote areas; rough roads to the sites can only be reached by 4x4 vehicles


  • Somaliland

Project participants

  • Horn Renewable Energy Company
    • Phaesun GmbH


    • 2012/2013

    System components

    • Solar Systems with Steca Solar Fridge, telephone charging stations and LED lights