Hybrid System Subihiyah Oasis, Kuwait

Project description

The Kuwait Oil Company is going to set up a VIP visitors centre in the Kuwait desert. The power supply for the whole visitor centre shall be based on renewable energies. Within the first project phase a hybrid system was installed by Phaesun and their local partner company Kuwait Cool & Solar. The system runs two pumps (5.5 kW each) for the irrigation of the area.


Why was PV selected?

The location is the Burgan Oil Field in Kuwait that is far from the electricity grid. The natural conditions (irradiation and wind) are ideal for PV and for wind generators.


Special challenges

The installation is based on a SMA Multicluster System. In a second project phase the hybrid system will be extended with two 10 kW wind generators and additional solar modules to provide renewable electricity to the centre itself. The SMA Multicluster System can easily be extended by including a second cluster.


  • Burgan Oil Field, Kuwait

Project participants

  • Kuwait Cool & Solar

End user

  • Kuwait Oil Company


  • April 2011

Project value

  • 55.000 EUR


  • 14.4 kWp Solar
  • 2.7 kWp Wind
  • 2 x 5.5 kWp (pumps)
  • Battery 48 V, 1250 Ah at C10