Hydro Power for Mountain Hut, Germany

Project description

The Probstalmhütte is a self supporter lodge of the German Alpine Association in Brauneck in the German Alps with 25 sleeping places.200 metres away from the lodge, the Arzbach stream runs past with a fall of 22m and a water volume of 0,6 and 3,4l/s.Due to the installation of an Off-Grid system run by a 330W Pelton turbine  with battery bank, interior lighting can be ensured throughout the year.Due to the heavy weight of the equiment and the remote situation of the lodge, the components had to be transported by helicopter. The turbine was installed in a turbine housing near the lodge; the battery bank is stored in a crate in the basement of the lodge.The system has been sized and installed by the Phaesun Partner Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp.

Interested in small hydro power systems? Please find a checklist for the qualification of water streams for hydro power in the download section here.

For further information please refer to www.kleinstwasserkraft.de.


  • Probstalmhütte, Brauneck, Germany

Project participants

  • System Sizing and Installation: Kleinstwasserkraft Klopp
  • Customer: DAV Section Munich
  • Delivery of components: Phaesun

End user

  • Visitors of the mountain hut


  • November/December 2012

System Components

  • Pelton turbine 330 W
  • Charge Controller
  • 12 x 2 V, 280 Ah OPzS, Hoppecke Batteries
  • Battery monitoring system