Off-Grid Connect, Orotta Hospital Asmara

Project description

The Phaesun Asmara team has successfully completed the installation of an Off-Grid Connect System in the Orotta hospital in Asmara/Eritrea. The new Off-Grid Connect System bridges power blackouts with a battery bank, which is additionally solar fed with a PV-generator supplying the most important consumers in the operating theatre and the maternity room without interruption. The system has been financed by the non-profit organisation Archemed which supports the public hospital.


Why was PV selected?

Before, the hospital often struggled with power blackouts leading to sometimes life-threatening problems particularly in the operating theatre and the maternity room. Solar resources in Eritra are extremely favourable for the use of PV. Therefore the PV system helps to guarantee reliable power supply for the clinique.


Special challenges/Features

The Orotta hospital houses the largest delivery suite of Eritrea. With its activities in the medical sector, Archemed contributes to a decrease of the infant mortality rate which is also a contribution to achieve the Millenium Development Goals of the United Nations. Reliable power supply is extremely important to keep all activities of the hospital running at day and night time!



  • Asmara, Eritrea

Project participants

  • Archemed
  • Phaesun Asmara Plc.
  • Phaesun GmbH

End user

  • Orotta Hospital


  • December 2014


  • Battery bank 124 kWh storage capacity
  • PV generator 14,4 kWp

System components

  •   72 x ET-M572200, 200 Wp Solar modules
  •   3 x 80 A Studer MPPT charge controller VarioTrack VT-80
  •   24 x Battery sonnenschein A602 Solar 16 OPzV 2600
  •   6 x Inverter/charger Studer XTH 8000-48
  •   2 x Studer X-connect Mounting frame
  •   1 x Remote control Studer RCC-02
  •   Complete installation accessories