Off-Grid Connect, Villa Pointe Denis

Project description

In case of power failures, or in case of too high diesel generator operation, the Off-Grid Connect (OGC) System powers up, ensuring that important electrical loads are operated without interruption. OGC is a system designed to make users step-by-step independent from the grid/diesel generator.In 2013, Phaesun, in collaboration with Projets Sans Frontières (PSF) has completed an Off-Grid Connect system with a 26 kWp solar generator for a villa in La Pointe Denis, Gabon. This system has been upgraded in February 2015 to a 38 kWp system. It is now supplying household appliances, lighting and security system, enabling the private individual to live at least partly independent from the diesel generator in the island of Pointe Denis off the coast of Libreville.


Why was PV selected?

The system installed initially was not large enough to cover the increasing consumption of the villa. Additional solar modules and batteries have been added to allow to supply to all the loads  during most of the months of the year. The customer now can consume 100 kWh/day with this system all over the year.


Special challenges

Loads have evolved and designing the solar system at adapted size to the changing needs while reaching almost independency was one of the key factors of the project.
Customer besides expecting remote monitoring management of his installation.
Such a significant installation in a remote area where you need at least half a day to get a cable gland has been realized in 10 days.



  • Pointe Denis, Gabon

Project participants

  • Projets Sans Frontières (PSF)
  • Phaesun GmbH

End user

  • Private individual


  • February 2015


  • Solar Generator: 38 kWp
  • Battery bank: 4000 Ah, 48 V

System components

  • 104 x SANYO HIT 250, 250 Wp, 72 cells
  • 50 x Panasonic 250 Wp, 72 cells
  • 72 x Rolls 2KS33PS batteries
  • 9 x MPPT solar charger Studer Variotrack VT80
  • 21 KVA DC/AC inverter charger, Studer XTH8000-48 X3
  • Studer X-Connect system
  • 1 x BSP 1200
  • X-Com LAN Studer remote monitoring
  • Studer programming unit RCC-02
  • Module support structure, cabling and accessories
  • 1 x F.G Wilson 18 KVA diesel genarator
  • 1 x FG Wilson 50 KVA diesel genarator