PicoPV Systems in Tanzania

Project description

The project follows an entire approach to improve the energy situation of the rural population of Maasai villages in Kenya. On the one hand traditional cooking stoves were replaced by improved ones to reduce indoor air pollution and to reduce the need of fuels. On the other hand PicoPV systems were installed to guarantee a bright and environmental indoor lighting.


Why was PV selected?

The Maasai villages are not connected to the grid and peolpe mainly have technical knowledge to run and maintain complicated systems. For lighting purposes petrol lanterns and candles are normally used. Due to the efficient LED lights of the Ulitium lamps, the small stand alone photovoltaic systems provide a unique comfortable solution to light small private rooms as well as large classrooms. The Ulitium systems are easy to operate and do not require continuous maintenance.



Maasai Villages in rural Kenya


Project participants

ICSEE (project coordinator)
Phaesun (supplier and technical partner)


End users

Private Rural Households



February 2011