Rural Electrification with Plan Ethiopia

Project description

Plan International works in the field of Rural Electrification in Ethiopia and has a holistic approach including the development of local infrastructure, the set-up of educational institutions such as schools and training centres and health stations, as well as capacity building. As part of their activities they provide solar off-grid power supply to public institutions. Phaesun in cooperation with the local partner Lydetco PLC provided the equipment and installed the systems. The project was funded by the European Union.


Why was PV selected?

Photovoltaic technology was selected as the only viable energy source for several reasons. The national electricity grid does not reach many rural areas. The use of diesel generators is not encouraged owing to the scarcity of fuel, noise factor, environmental problems and high price of transport of the fuel to far flung remote sites. Additionally the operation and maintenance cost of generator sets is problematic.


Special challenges

The challenge to successfully implement these systems was mainly the remoteness of the sites. Transportation of the equipment and installation crews was a challenge but was safely and efficiently carried out by local partner Lydetco PLC.


  • 18 sites in Shebedino District,
    Southern Region, Ethiopia

Project participants

  • Funding: European Union
  • Local project coordination: PLAN Ethiopia
  • Local facilitation and installation:
    Lydetco PLC

End user

  • End users are the beneficiary communities (schools, health centres, village population) in Shebedino District


    12/2010 - 08/2011


  • 10 schools - Total 22.4 kWp
  • 10 health posts - Total 10.2 kWp
  • 3 water supply systems - Total 16.3 kWp

System components

  • Istar Solar Modules Istar 100 W
  • Hoppecke power.bloc Batteries 12 V,
    100 Ah (C10)
  • Solar Charge Controller Outback
    FLEXmax FM 60
  • Solar Charge Controllers Steca Tarom 245
  • Inverter Steca Solarix PI1100
  • Energy Saving Lamps 13 W with
    Sundaya Lamp Shade
  • Energy Saving Lamps 9 W with
    Sundaya Lamp Shade
  • Pumping systems
  • Cabling, mounting structure and accessories