Drinking Water Supply, Sudan

Project description

The objective of the project was to guarantee reliable drinking water supply for the village Akobo in South Sudan. Therefore the equipment for six solar water pumping systems was delivered by Phaesun. Furthermore Phaesun installed three water yards with two pump systems each in cooperation with local staff. Another part of the project was the training of local technicians for the installation, operation and maintenance of the systems.


Why was PV selected?

The ability to provide continuous power in any environment makes solar systems perfect for water pumping in remote areas. Off-Grid PV systems are the best long term solution with the best cost-performance ratio.
The solar systems can be designed to pump up to more than 300.000 liters per day at lower heads to smaller water quantities at higher heads up to 300 metres.


Special challenges

The village of Akobo is accessible by road only during the dry season. In the wet season roads are flooded and planes cannot do the landing due to wet clay soil. Therefore it was essential to build the capacity to run and maintain the solar water pumping systems locally. The training of local technicians completed the project.


  • Akobo, South Sudan

Project participants

  • ICRC
  • Water Authority, Akobo County
  • Local technicians

End user

  • Inhabitants of Akobo


  • April 2011

Project value

  • 130,000 EUR


  • 6 x 5 kWp
  • Sum of all 6 pumps: 400 m³/day

System components

  • 360 x Mono Crystalline Solar Module 85 W
  • 6 x PNAP Pump Inverter
  • 6 x Grundfos Pumps, 3 x 220 - 230 V,
    50 Hz
  • Accessories, mounting structure and
    spare parts