Water Supply Somalia

Project description

The goal of the project was the provision of reliable water supply for drinking water and livestock watering for the areas around the Somalian capital Mogadishu. The area is suffering from vastly destroyed infrastructure. Solar water pumping systems are the adequate solution for reliable Off-Grid water supply.
Therefore Phaesun provided the equipment for five solar water pumping systems. The installation was done in cooperation with the Kenyan project management company "Kaniu & Prieske".


Why was PV selected?

The ability to provide continuous power in any environment makes solar systems perfect for water pumping in remote areas. Off-Grid PV systems are the best long term solution with the best cost-performance ratio.
Systems of any size and any type can be designed from a small pumping system for garden ponds up to a water supply for several villages.


Special challenges

Water pumping systems are using the energy generated by the PV directly to pump water without the necessity of a battery storage. Therefore solar water pumping systems are the most efficient solar energy systems.
The wells and the watering spots for livestock were built in traditional way by local craftsmen. The solar systems were installed in cooperation with local and Kenyan technicians.


  • 5 Sites in Mogadishu and Benadir Region

Project participants

  • Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Stuttgart
  • Daryeel Bulsh Guud, Somalia
  • Kaniu & Prieske Projectmanagement Ltd., Nairobi
  • Phaesun Asmara

End user

  • Village People in Benadir Region


  • 02/2008

Project value

  • 130,000 EUR


  • 5 PV Pumping System á 4 kWp, 112 m - Q=33 m³/day

System components

  • 5 x 57 Helios Solar Module 75W
  • 5 x Pump Inverter PVPS 8503 5.5 kW
  • 5 x Submersible Pump KSB UPA 100C
  • Mounting structure, accessories and spare parts